Increase IAPs

Drive greater revenue through in-app purchases

Focus user acquisition efforts on consumers that are likely to drive in-app purchases, then re-engage them throughout their lifecycle to increase LTV.

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Optimize marketing efforts for high-value users that will achieve your ROAS goals

Ensure intelligent, sustainable growth by targeting the users that are predicted to create the greatest value for your app.

IAP ROAS Campaigns

Target purchasers who will spend more in your app and hit your ROAS goals.

Ideal for shopping, food delivery, and travel apps.

CPP Campaigns

Target purchasers or subscribers that will hit your cost goals.

Ideal for health & fitness, entertainment, and media apps.

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Maximize user LTV with personalized in-app promotions

Deliver the right messages at the right time. By measuring every meaningful in-app action, performing A/B testing, and understanding the user journey, you can laser-focus your messages and their placement to drive more purchases

Increase conversion rates with deep links and QR codes

Send users directly to a purchase point in your app. Not only do deep links and QR codes improve user experience and drive up purchase rates, they’re also trackable, providing valuable insight into your users' buyer journeys.

MAX - How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple’s iOS 14 update made changes to the way mobile developers track in-app purchases. Now, developers need to leverage SKAdNetwork data to attribute IAPs to their sources.

Adjust’s Conversion Hub allows you to set up an ideal conversion value (CV) mapping schema that aligns with your measurement goals with little effort, regardless of your experience with SKAdNetwork. This is achieved by leveraging predicted learning models to suggest a mapping that fits your app, while validating the built models against integrated partners to reach your iOS goals.

Learn more about tracking IAPs on iOS14.5+ with Adjust.
LTV is an elusive estimate of how much a particular consumer is likely to spend in your app. When forecasted accurately, it helps marketers set budgets and ensure that UA efforts only pursue the most effective users. Optimizing acquisition efforts for user LTV, however, is not easy.

AppDiscovery leverages billions of data points from installs and powerful machine learning to understand relationships that translate into high-LTV users for your app. This way, you can reach unique high-quality users at scale and achieve campaign objectives, all at a desirable cost.

Learn more about ROAS-optimized UA with AppDiscovery.
When we think about engaging clients within an app, we often start with an objective of what we want to say or achieve. But the message you’re attempting to convey needs to reach the right audience at the right time.

In short, everything you say in re-engagement campaigns should be personalized from the data you receive from your app.

When you set up your measurement and your data analytics with an MMP, you should be monitoring every meaningful action to ensure the messages you send are aimed at your data-backed target audience members, at an interaction point that makes sense.

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